Colonial Mill House

The traditional mill was a place where businesses could manufacture a product such as grains, cider, and even gunpowder. The term mill came from the fact that the early buildings were powered by a watermill.

Harvest Moon’s Mill is a larger gable style colonial building. The Mill’s floor plan has a large center aisle with 2 rows of stalls on either side, making it perfect for horse stables. The Mill is often used to store multiple tractors, antique cars, or even a great spot to host a square dance. These beautiful buildings can be set with a partial cathedral ceiling or with no second floor at all. The principle perlin timbers are really something to see.

The Mill can also have decks on both gable ends to sit and relax and view the great outdoors.


1-1/2 or 2 story

Available Depths:
28′-40′ depths


Smaller Colonial Barns

  • Garden or Potting Shed
  • Tool Shed
  • Maple Sugar Shack
  • Smoke House
  • Out house
  • Wendy House
  • Firewood Shelter
  • Fort
  • Pool Cabana

Larger Colonial Barns

  • Barn Home
  • Garage / Tractor Barn
  • Workshop
  • Horse Barn
  • Hunting Cabin / Cabin
  • Studio
  • Accessory Building
  • Garage & Apartment
  • Guest House