Monitor Series

Monitor style barns have a large center aisle with shed wings on both sides. The large center section is much taller than the attached wings creating a wall area above the shed roofs. This wall area can display windows and provide natural light to the barn.

Monitors are the perfect style barn for raising and caring for farm animals and horses. These barns have a large center aisle with protection from the weather, and an enormous amount of room for through driving with a tractor, truck, or recreational vehicle.

These stalls can have doors into the aisle, doors to the weather, or both.

The Monitor can be either a single story barn or a two story barn. The large center aisle can have cathedral ceiling, a simple storage loft, or a full second floor to store hay, or anything else for that matter. Some folks have turned this space into an office, and apartment.

Monitors also make for a very functional pool cabana with an open center facing the pool area for entertaining, and the lower sides for changing rooms, bathrooms, and pool equipment storage.


Available Depths:
12’ – 24’ or more / center aisle portion
6’ – 20’ or more / the wings

Typical or Common Depths:
10’ – 16’ / center aisle portion
10’ – 14’ / the wings

Available Lengths:
12’ – 120’ or more

Typical or Common Lengths:
24’, 30’, 36’, 42’, 48’, 56’


Smaller Monitor Barns

  • Pool Cabana
  • Tool Shed
  • Maple Sugar Shack
  • Smoke House

Larger Monitor Barns

  • Horse / Livestock Barn
  • Garage / Tractor Barn
  • Workshop
  • Barn Home