Barn Kit Homes – Great Rooms & Additions

Timber Frame Barn Kit Homes, Great Rooms & Additions – Framing with massive timbers is like bringing Mother Nature indoors

Timber Frame construction is so beautiful that tens of thousands of people build either their entire home or a portion of it this way every year. Hybrid homes that couple both timber framing and conventional stick framing together are very common nowadays.

Our experienced designers can design a structure that fits your family’s needs. We can even work with your architect to design a space that is just right for you.

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Although we love the designs below, we can make any alterations or design additional rooms, layouts, or dimensions to fit your needs. Visit Design Your Barn to submit your ideas!

Barn House

Farm House

A Frame

Design the Barn That’s Right For You

Carriage House Series

Salt Box Series

Broken Back Salt Box

Monitor Series

Gambrel Series

Colonial Series

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