Harvest Moon Timber Frame is a small family-owned company based in beautiful New England. We design and manufacture timber frame barn and timber frame home kits for folks throughout the United States.

Our frames are produced from Eastern White Pine & Hemlock timbers that are harvested from Maine and New Hampshire. We also use Douglas Fir timbers from the Pacific North West. Often times, the timbers have only been out of the woods for a few weeks when we receive them.

We hand-cut all of our frames using small tools, chisels, and slicks to clean the mortises and tenons. Our experienced timber frame craftsmen approach each project with the excitement and spirit of a child with a new puppy.

We all love what we do, and look forward to each custom project. What make it all so rewarding is the pure joy that our customers experience during the process, from conception to completion.

You will love what we can do for you!