Event Venues

Stepping into the cathedral interior of a timber frame is an awe-inspiring experience! The welcoming warmth of heavy timber creates a setting that is fun and impressive, a fantasy and yet down-to-earth. Everyone has a good time!

As the Builder-Owner of your wedding barn, you’re starting a business that’s all about happiness so enjoy the process. It may be your retirement dream, an alternate revenue stream on a family farm, or a non-traditional career while raising children. Maybe the older generation is working with their grown children to create a business that will be handed down to their own children and grandchildren. Or maybe it’s a partnership where you each bring your own strengths.


Big or small, rustic or classical, modern or traditional – it’s your dream, your vision, your business. We will make it exactly what you want.

Sometimes these commercial projects have a longer time frame and we are happy to work with you wherever you are in the process. If you already have plans or a complete sketch, that’s great! If not, there are a few things to think about to get started:

  • What style do you prefer? Gambrels and monitors are popular but it can be any design
  • How many guests do you want to host? (approximate range)
  • Will it be a year-round (fully insulated) or 3-season facility?
  • Do you have separate facilities for catering, restrooms and storage or will service areas be included in the venue?
  • Do you plan to have a bride’s suite and groom’s room?
  • Is the building site zoned for commercial use or do you have an agricultural exemption?
  • If you’re considering a loft / 2nd floor, will you be subject to Americans with Disabilities Act regulations?