What sets Harvest Moon apart from other timber frame companies?

Customization! We do not make repetitive buildings; we make your building.

We will alter any aspect of your dream barn or home, longer or shorter overhangs, shed dormers, dog house dormers, widows peaks, post spacing, length, height, cupolas, you name it we will customize it for you.

Our job is to provide our customers with the building they have always envisioned. When our customers are extremely happy, we have done our job.

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What is timber framing? Is it the same as post and beam?

Authentic timber framing is the joining of timbers using all wood connections mostly “mortise and tenon” joinery. Post and beam construction, on the other hand, uses vertical and horizontal timbers connected together using steel plates or nails. In timber framing, each individual joint is custom designed to suit the specific load it is required to support. Nothing is generic. Timber framing also works to anticipate the natural characteristics of the wood, accommodating for shrinkage and shifting.


Do you only build timber frame structures?

While our roots are in timber framing, we can build whatever type of structure a client desires, including a conventionally framed custom home or barn. We will also build a post and beam structure as well.


Do your building kits require foundations?

Our barn and house kits start with a pressure-treated sill designed to be set on a concrete foundation. We provide complete foundation plans for your contractor to work from. These plans will show either concrete piers (sono tubes) or a continuous concrete frost wall. The large majority of our customers build on the continuous wall, where piers are more often used in a livestock-type structure.


Will I need a building permit?

All projects of this type require approval from your local building and zoning department. Harvest Moon Timber Frame supplies complete detailed plans with “your state” engineers seal for you to obtain your building permits.


Can I manage the construction of one of your building kits with limited carpentry skills?

Difficulty levels vary with each of our models depending on size, height, design complexity, and other factors. Our building kits are designed for assembly by a professional carpenter however, many of our customers have managed construction on their own. Included with your kit are item-coded plans and step-by-step construction diagrams. It is important to be familiar with using power tools and you should have a certain level of comfort on a job site.


Can you finish the interiors of your kits?

Harvest Moon Timber Frame partners with the best subcontractors and vendors in America to complete the interior of your timber frame home to your satisfaction. We respect the fine work they do for our clients and consider them part of our team.


Can you recommend a contractor in my area?

Having been in business for many years, we have made many friends and gained many contacts in the field of construction. Perhaps you don’t have the time or desire to manage your building project, and if you don’t have a contractor, we may have worked with someone in your area that we can recommend.

Does my builder need to have timber framing experience?

When considering a prospective contractor for your project it is not critical that he has not worked with one of our kits nor that he has experience with timber frame or post & beam construction. Our buildings are pre-cut and include step-by-step construction diagrams. All of our timbers and parts are clearly labeled to facilitate the process. It is most important to hire a reputable contractor willing to work with our support package.


What is your area of delivery?

We deliver our timber frame kits throughout the U.S.A. We use a handful of knowledgeable flatbed tractor-trailer drivers with experience in residential delivery of our barn kits. Our delivery team has been on some very narrow and windy driveways over the years.


Do your plans show utilities such as electrical or plumbing?

As we sell timber frame and post & beam buildings, our plans do not show utilities. Since most all customers add electricity to our kits, mechanical contractors such as plumbers and electricians find our first and second-floor layout pages more than adequate to provide a detailed layout for our customers.


Do you do any custom designs?

YES! We offer a wide variety of buildings from a catalog of standard models but also we do encourage you to contact us with your building ideas. Our numerous options include lean-to, dormers, entryway hoods, decks, haybeams, different window treatments and a variety of doors, and much, much more. Our skilled and experienced designers will transform your custom timber frame ideas and inspirations into a reality.