Harvest Moon Timber Frame is quite lucky to have the individuals that we have. We all have a love of barns, the outdoors, and enjoy the wholesome life that timber framing provides to each of us.
Meet our team!

Peter Davenport / Master Cutter & Operations Manager

Pete studied at the University of Maine at Orono and pursed a degree in Agricultural Business with a concentration on Forestry.

Peter’s accuracy in cutting never ceases to amaze us. Rough sawn timbers are seldom of uniform size and shape. This creates a challenge for intricate joinery, especially the shelved mortise and tenon joints. Pete makes many subtle adjustments during the cut of a frame in order for each member to fit just right with its mate. The final results of these adjustments are a beautifully accurate, level, and tightly jointed timber frame.

Peter also takes great pride in shipping a complete and accurate kit. His double checking of each outgoing frame to make sure that everything – and we mean everything – is there helps keep the barn raising going with no interruptions, except of course for Mother Nature.

Jim Davenport Jr. / President

Jim went to college in Durango, Colorado, and fell in love with the West. Jim has four wonderful children.

Jim’s dad loves to say that “all those years that Jimmy spent in wood shop have paid off”. He works very hard and truly enjoys what he does.

We have heard Jim say that the relationship that Harvest Moon has with its customers is what he values the most from his company. Having very satisfied customers long after the sale is what it’s all about.

National Building Network:

We have enlisted the help from many contractors around America, and without fail, these people love to build timber frame structures. Oftentimes, Harvest Moon Timber Frame was the first timber frame construction project that they have ever done. They are never the same again. They have so much fun while they do the raising, that they want to do them again and again.

Peg Owl / Customer Service:

I was just an unemployed barn owl when Jim found me on a farm years ago. I live with my husband Mortise and my son Barny in the loft of our workshop here in Morris, Connecticut.

I am now responsible for making all of Harvest Moon Timber Frame’s customers happy, and I take it quite seriously. I’m hoping that if I make you really happy, you will choose the charity that is very close to my heart; adopting a Barn Owl through the World Wildlife Fund.

Harvest Moon will make a donation in every one of our customer’s names when they purchase a barn or home from Harvest Moon Timber Frame. I think it’s a great idea (it was mine). There are several great and worthwhile charities on our Philanthropy page, but my favorite is a Barn Owl adoption with World Wildlife Fund.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am looking forward to speaking with you.