Harvest Moon Timber Frame Dealer Program

About Harvest Moon Timber Frame

  • Harvest Moon Timber Frame is a national design & manufacturer of timber frame barn and timber frame home kits. We produce and ship all of our kits from our headquarters in Washington, CT.
  • Our kits range in size from 100 square feet to 10,000 square feet and more. Our average is about 2,500 square feet in size


Construction Activities

  • We are seeking regional builders from across the United States in an effort to offer our customers a building option.
  • Our goal is to develop a list of “authorized builders” nationally to provide our customers a turn-key project.
  • In most cases we would like to refer an approved builder and have that builder negotiate the cost of erection with our customers directly, and handle 100% of the construction portion of the project.
  • In some cases the customer may want Harvest Moon Timber Frame to do all aspects of the project, in which case the builder would be asked to work as a sub-contractor for Harvest Moon Timber Frame
  • We have established construction prices that we will share with you, and would be happy to provide those rates to you and our customer if acceptable to you.
  • Harvest Moon Timber Frame has construction standards that must be adhered to on all of our projects. Most of these standards relate to the integrity of our kit, and general job-site housekeeping.


Selling Activities

  • Harvest Moon Timber Frame usually sells the barn kit itself from in-house generated leads, but in some cases we needs assistance from our builders and dealers. When this occurs Harvest Moon Timber Frame will provide the dealer of a successful sale with a sales commission.
  • In the event that one of Harvest Moon’s authorized dealers brings a customer to Harvest Moon Timber Frame directly that we would not have had were it not for our dealer’s efforts we will also provide a referral fee to the authorized dealer
  • If the dealer handles the entire sale of their own lead, the dealer will receive both the referral fee , and the sale commission , for that effort.
  • Harvest Moon Timber Frame will provide a state of the art web-site, along with marketing materials to assist in the sales efforts.
  • If an authorized dealer would like to erect a sales model, Harvest Moon Timber Frame will provide a kit to that dealer at Harvest Moon’s cost.